Meeting room "Perpera"

Meeting room "Perpera" can admit 55 participants. It is ideal for larger business meetings, press conferences and education seminars.

Name of the meeting room, Perpera, comes from Perpera, Dubrovnik's first currency.

Perpera (Perpero)
The coin was forged from year 1683 to 1803. The obverse bears an image of St. Vlaho holding a model of the town and bishop's staff in his left hand and bestowing blessings with his right. To the left and right of the saint are letters S-B (Sanctus Blasius) and year of forging, around the edge of the coin is an inscription: PROT (ector) REIP (ublicae) RHAGUSINE. The reverse bears an image of Jesus holding an orb with a cross in his left hand and giving blessings with his right. All around are stars and an inscription: TVTA SALVS (sure salvation).

Various layouts of the meeting room Perpera


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