Hotel Pet Policy

Form for pet owners

We love animals at Hotel Komodor; however, it is the strict policy of this hotel property to have any guest bringing a pet (dogs and cats) under 40 pounds / 18 kg (except of guide dogs for the blinds) that this form must be signed and agreed to.
If you are uncomfortable in signing this form, then we are sorry, but we will be unable to accommodate you.
We can only offer a limited number of rooms to guests with pets, located on the first floor. Please note that the suites are not available for pets, only our standard rooms.
There is a fee of €10.00 per pet per night to be posted with your room charges.
Prior approval is mandatory, so that we may monitor the number of pets in-house.
We only allow five (5) pets at the hotel at any one time except for exceptional circumstances (to be determined at our discretion).
You must be in your room, or out with your pet when the maid is cleaning the room. The maid will NOT clean your room if the pet is in the room without you!
As the registered guest you are financially responsible for any possible damages caused by the pet including lost potential hotel income. You are also responsible for any excessive and / or exceptional cleaning charges at the hotel property. This includes, but is not limited to pet odors and pet stains.
A damage deposit of €100.00 is required at check-in. The damage deposit may be in the form of cash, or debit card, or as a separate pre-authorization on your credit card. A full accounting of any charges to the deposit will be provided. If there is any damage to the room that exceeds the deposit, it will be due immediately, without exception.
Pets must be properly controlled at all times while on hotel property and must be leashed when out of the guestroom. It is very important to respect this rule! A €100.00 fee will be assessed for any pet left unattended in the room or in any other hotel property at any time.
Owners should bring pet bedding and dishes; no pets on the beds or furniture.
We expect you to clean up after your pet.
If a pet becomes aggressive to any guest or other person in the hotel, pet owners agree to remove their pet promptly from the hotel upon request unless a mutually acceptable compromise can be met. 

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