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Company history

Here you can see chronological development of the Maestral Hotels:


1935 Hotel Komodor and Villa Praha were built

1938 First building of Hotel Splendid was built (51 beds); Villa Doris (14 beds) was built as the original structure 
        of Hotel Vis to which later on annexes were added.

1956 The old part of Hotel Vis (174 beds) was built

1962 Hotel Adriatic Annex / Adriatic II (93 beds) was built

1963 Hotel Adriatic / Adriatic I (210 beds) was built

1964 Second building of Hotel Splendid was built

1967 Hotel Adriatic III (120 beds) and a common restaurant for all pavilions of the Adriatic Hotels were built

1970 Original Hotel Komodor and Villa Praha were connected to form a unique plant, to wit former Adriatic IV –
        actual Hotel Komodor

1971 HTP Dubrovnik was founded – within which hotels Vis, Splendid, Adriatic and Dubrovnik Palace were 

1986 Second part of Hotel Vis was built (129 beds)

1989 HTP Dubrovnik was divided into several organizational units; HTP Hoteli Maestral was formed including
        hotels Adriatic, Vis, Splendid and Dubrovnik Palace  

1994 Actual Maestral Hotels (joint stock Company) was founded by the transformation of the HTP Hoteli Maestral
        p.o. Dubrovnik

1997 Hotel Splendid was partially reconstructed

1998 Adriatic IV pavilion was reconstructed and renamed as the new Hotel Komodor

1999 Hotel Komodor as the first hotel in Croatia has got the ISO 9002:1994 quality system certificate for the
        area “accommodation and other services for tourists”

2001 The Hotel Splendid was fully air-conditioned

2002 Hotel Dubrovnik Palace was sold; Garden restaurant “Glorijet” was built within Hotel Splendid; modern
        laundry was built and equipped; at the Hotel Adriatic / Adriatic I reception and aperitif bar were reconstructed and

2003 Central part of Hotel Adriatic III was reconstructed and renamed as the new 4* Hotel Uvala;
        Hotel Uvala, the first Dubrovnik’s hotel who started with the ecological garbage disposal  

2004 A new Wellness & SPA center of Hotel Uvala – as the first Wellness & SPA center in Dubrovnik was opened

2006 Hotels Komodor and Uvala got the ISO 22000:2005 certificate for the food safety management


2007 Recreational studio, an area above the Hotel Adriatic Restaurant was reconstructed

2008 Hotel Adriatic (Adriatic I) was fully air-conditioned

2011 Hotel Adriatic Annex (Adriatic II) was fully air-conditioned

2013/4 Hotel Adriatic Annex: partially reconstructed and registered as a new accommodation unit named 
          Adriatica Rooms  


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